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I have two sat navs. One, is old, very old, and the other, not so old. The 'old' sat nav's got my email and the newer one, my wife's. I want to 'bin' the old one. When I get the new one - how do I introduce it into the TomTom family - where customer support is 'shit' [the only reason I haven't, as yet moved to Garmin is that Tom's maps are a 'bit' better; just] and should be booted into 'never never land.' Anyway, that gripe to one side and having to approach a 'forum' to get an answer. To the issue at hand - I've used up both emails - how do I get the new one 'connected?'


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    Hi @what

    You can use Your Email address for the new one as you can now have several TT units on the same Account. The new units use MyDrive Connect software instead of home for updating etc.. When you load up MyDrive Connect and log into your current address you should see your old unit and when you log into your Account when setting up the new TT unit it will then appear as a second unit. You can Click on Bin to delete the old unit if you want to.

    I have 4 units on my account and there are benefits and downsides to this .

    With the latest Tomtom units you can create routes on the TomTom MyDrive website or the Mydrive App on a Tablet or Phone and send them to your Tomtom. This means that when you for example go out to your car and turn your Tomtom on and it connects to your account the route your created is reproduced on the unit ready for you to drive. The downside is if you have another TT unit on the same account that has the same capability it will receive the same route when it is on. This could happen when someone is using the other unit and mid journey. The solution for this is that you don't log into your account on a unit unless you are expecting to update the unit or it you are expecting data.

    When you use the MyDrive Website, not MyDrive Connect the software, you are able to Add POI and Route Files to your Units as well as create routes and sync them to at the units or save the routes you have created and send them to the unit to be saved on it.