Adding European Zone Maps to XXL540

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I have the USA. Canada and Mexico maps installed on my XXL540. I would like to add Europe Zone 1 map to my device as I will be traveling to Italy in the next few months. My device has Lifetime Map updates. I am not sure if I can add Zone Maps to my device. thanks for your help on this.


  • dhn
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    Lifetime maps are only for the original map installed. However, you might be able to add an European zoned map which includes Italy. You would need to call support BUT do not provide a model when prompted for a live agent to reply.

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    Then hope the agent is nice enough to allow you to purchase the appropriate map since the device technically is an End of Life device.

    In fact, if you have a rds/tmc combo antenna-car charger,l it'll work for you in Italy as well.