How to install purchased map to Go Basic when it will not connect to computer?

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I've just purchased a new tomtom go basic as my go 530 is no longer supported, i would firstly like to transfer my American map to my new device but i see that is not possible.
If i was to purchase the new map does anyone know how i would transfer it to the go basic as when i plug my go basic into the computer nothing happens


  • dhn
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    You need MyDriveConnect with that model. Get it at
  • DougLap
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    Hi @ebarrett

    You can load the map the same way as you load updates for the unit via MyDrive Connect.

    Maps are sold tied to the particular TT unit you are purchasing it for. So when you open and log into yuour account in MyDrive Connect after purchase it should appear under the heading My Maps. You can then click on the map and ask for it to be added to the unit itself. You may have to purchase a Micro SD card , 16 or 32GB is recommended, to load the map onto as it may not fit on the internal memory with the existing software and map.

    It is suggested that you use a Micro SD Class 10 card from a major make such as Sandisk , Samsung etc.