When the new update of Maps of Europe will be available for R-Link 2 in Renault Scenic IV?

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I have last version of maps from December 2017 in my car Renault Scenic IV. I was told in Renault Central Service that they don´t have any newer version for instalation. When it will be new version available?
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    You can ask, but you will not get a reply. You have NOT got the latest map if yours is from December 2017 - the latest Europe map for R-Link is v1011 which was issued in November 2018. But even that was not the latest map as TomTom released v1015, then v1020 and this week v1025 for other users. Have you logged into the Renault Store to look for new maps?
    Renault don't issue new maps as often as TomTom, they are always out of date and when I ask Renault they say that the maps are not the same as TomTom and always the map I get is what they call the latest map.
    TomTom tell us they issue and sell new maps every three months because roads change, but Renault never do that - do you believe that maps don't change for Renault drivers, only for everybody else?