Location problems with Galileo and Voice issue

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Lately my TomTom Go App thinks sometimes I am driving in on de wrong connecting road after there is an exit. I use the TomTom Go App on the same route and device for more than a year now and never seen this problem before.
This week when I opened the GPS Test app and for the first time the Galileo satellites are visible.
Is it possible that the Galileo satellites changes the offset of my Phone triggering this error?

From the beginning I have another annoying problem with the Go Mobile app. My Phone’s language setting is English and because I live in the Netherlands, I use the Bram voice.
A lot of times when Bram speaks his sentence is cut off and the last piece is missing.
For example, he tells me to take the next exit in 3 Meters and skipping the 100 part.
Is there a solution for this problem without changing the Android language on my Phone an still us a Dutch voice in TomTom.

On My TomTom Rider (410 & 550) I never had this issues.
Phone used Moto X4 android 9


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    Galileo should give you much more accuracy than Navstar GPS when the reception is not obstructed.

    TomTom doesn’t support Galileo in their devices, I wonder if the same applies to the app.

    Compare it with other software, like Google Maps and let us know.

    Have in mind that if you’re using it in a car with a heat-repellent windscreen the reception will be bad.
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    Yes, I use the phone mainly in my 2014 Skoda Octavia to replace de terrible VAG navigation.

    Navigation was always on track up to last month. I didn’t do a software ore Maps update in that time period.
    The only change I can find is that this month my phone started to receive the Galileo Satellites.

    I will try other navigation apps next week. But when there is a traffic jam, I am afraid I have to revert back to TomTom. (I mainly use the Go App for traffic information)

    You also trigged me to check between several maps on the places were this happens. So, I opened MyRoute App (Gold) an created a route and compared the TomTom route with Here, Google and OSM maps but on these spots there is not much difference.

    In the summer I also use the Go App also on my Bike but then I use the Rider 550 for navigation and load the same track. In the Go App don’t hit Drive and use less zoom to display the original track so I can find the optimal route to my track when there is a road block.
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    This morning there was a traffic jam so I couldn’t test.

    Saturday I use both my Rider 550 and the Go Mobile app on my motor bike.

    Also here is a difference visible compared to last year. When I accelerate the Phone with Go Mobile app displays a higher more accurate speed. When traveling a constant speed both display the same speed.
    Before this winter I was always amazed both Rider 550 and Go Mobile App displayed the same speed.

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    I don't have the accuracy problem anymore.

    Nothing has changed I suspect it was a Galileo calibration problem.