Speed Camera/Radar/Safety Camera files are incorrect

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Travelling up through Spain over the last couple of days and previously 12 months ago I am finding that the Speed Camera/Radar/Safety Camera places have been removed and there are consequently NO Cameras in place but the TomTom files are completely out of date.

I have searched the TomTom Website for a Contact Email address to advise TomTom Support of this but it seems they don't like this form of contact as the address is not available.

Roads traveled on are: A381, A376, A62-E80, A66-E803.

Coming through Seville I was then provided with the wrong exit number by the TomTom 'Voice' which if followed would have meant a rather large detour to get back.

So if anyone knows how to pass this on to the Support in their 'Ivory Tower' your help would be appreciated.