Why can't I buy a replacement watch band for my TOMTOM Spark cardio fitness watch?

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Both my daughter and I have the Spark Cardio fitness watches. Watches are working fine however the watch bands have split along the rubber and replacement bands required. I go to buy some at the TOMTOM online shop and everything (bar one in size small that won't fit) says "available soon". I asked for clarification on the FB page and got told they don't know when they will be available. I read that to mean that you are not bothering to make them anymore? The watches are less then 2 years old. Can't believe I have not two perfectly working watches that I cannot buy watch bands for. I have tried the un-official watch bands off ebay out of desperation but they are terrible and poor quality. TOMTOM please re-stock the bands as these watches are still going strong...

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