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It appears that my Tom Tom Start 50 (8FD5.002.01.2) is not compatible with UK plus western Europe map update, but when I was in Spain last week it showed Spanish maps. Why is this, and can I really not update these maps?


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    Hi @ChrisDugmore

    If your Start 50 was sold with Lifetime maps then you should be offered updates when you connect it to your Computer and start MyDrive Connect which I assume you have downloaded from the Tomtom website. You will need to be logged into the MyDrive connect software and your Start with your Tomtom account. When you connect it should indicate any free updates you can download and any of the other services you need to pay for.

    If the unit came without lifetime updates for Maps, Traffic and Cameras you will have to purchase the updates you need

    I would expect the Start 50 if bought within Europe will have the European map on it. To test it:-

    Tap Menu
    Tap Search
    Look top right does it say Whole world or does it have the UK flag.
    If the Flag tap that and it will give you a list of countries to select from, select Spain and then type Madrid. Remember if you change the flag to change it back to UK. If it says Whole World then type Madrid and see if it finds it.

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    The Start devices Use the Step by Step Search engine....
    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Drive to --> Address --> Tap on the Flag Icon (Screen top right)
    Select the United Kingdom Map