how to delite maps-USA-Canada or Mexico to give place for Europa maps.

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Of mistake I get hold in a VIA1625TM and have this 3 countries maps installed, but I do not
live in any of this. I'm in Europa and need ONLY Europa or Spain.....
Can I download EUROPA maps and store in a MICO card or like it looks like, the unit will do that
by them self if space are missing....But I do like to delete at least 2 of the 3 to have space for more
useful maps.


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    Hi @warnerkdjerwig

    I assume from what you have said that the unit may originate from USA etc hence the maps on it.

    Yes you can add Europe to the unit provided there is enough space on it. The Max Micro SD card it will accept is 32gb and I would say the minimum you want for it is 16Gb as the current Full European Map will struggle to fit, if at all, if the Internal Memory is as I think only 8gb.

    You will have to do a Factory Reset on the unit in order to Delete the existing account details in it and replace it with your Tomtom Account details. When the unit is recognised in your account it should show that it has the USA etc maps allocated to it as they are tied to the units serial number. The Full Reset is Tap Menu, Tap Settings, Tap System , Tap Reset Device.

    When you then attach it to your computer and log into the MyDrive Connect app you should be able to see the unit and what updates are available. Do each update available separately and if one is a System update do that first.

    Once you have sorted that out you can then look to add the European map. and remove via MyDrive Connect any unwanted maps although they will still be available if you want to restore any. One problem you will have if the unit is ex USA, Canada or Mexico is that whilst you can purchase the European Map you will not be able to get Traffic Data to work as that is tied to the Area where the unit was first sold. The only thing you can try here is contact Customer Support and ask them if they will reset the unit as a European one and then Traffic will work but only in Europe. I am not certain whether they will but it is worth a try especially as you are considering buying the map.

    Hope this helps