Which BT protocol and transmit method Rider 550 uses?

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Which BT protocol and transmit method Rider 550 uses? Why it can not be connected with BMW Motorrad Communication sysytem?

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    Is there any update about this? I have the same problem. Should I consider to sell my tomtom and buy a Garmin?
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    When I plot a route and start the tour the spoken instructions work fine. Then when I start playing music from my phone to my Packtalk the spoken instructions stop coming through via the headset and start playing over the Rider speakers. When stopping the music the instructions do not resume, until I toggle the high quality audio setting on the Rider 550 in the menu off and on again (I only have the high quality sound on, not the standard). This is something I can reproduce every time.
    I noticed that TomTom services/ live traffic was not enabled/ not connected. After switching on Bluetooth tethering this was resolved. I have not tried navigating since, but I doubt this would fix it, since the tethering is between the phone and the Rider. The problem seems to be between the Packtalk and the Rider.
    I used to be able to listen to music and hear instructions at the same time; the music would turn down when spoken instructions came through the headset and turn back up when the instructions were given. I have since switched from an iPhone 6s to the Nord 2 and since then I haven't gotten it to work properly.
    Any help is appreciated! If more details are required, I'll provide what I can.