My Drive and device not connecting

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My drive shows connection. Device says connected. No data transfer.
Running VPN?. TomTom drives the device as a network device. A VPN will get in the way.
Disconnect VPN all should work.


  • Phil McCoy
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    MyDrive and device connects, device shows connected but MyDrive times out and states the device in not responding. I have tried all of the recommendations on TomTom's help site but none of them work. I Do not Have VPN . I even reset the device and uninstalled MyDrive several time. any suggestions. My Device is a Go 60s
  • pacificbear
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    My GO600 will not go into connect mode. It used to work, but now does not. I reset it to "Factory Settings" but all that did was lose all my data. What's wrong?
  • DougLap
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    Hi @pacificbear

    If you open the MyDrive Website and log into the GO6000 account you should see, if you have been updating the unit fairly regularly, any Favourites, Poi and Route files you loaded onto your unit via MyDrive. When your GO^00 is working this data should sync back onto your unit so not lost.

    Have you checked on your GO6000 that it is also logged into the Account. See in Settings.

    I have occasionally found that against Tomtom instructions if any of my units are struggling to connect I unplug the unit from the PC USB socket, counted to 10 and plugged it back in. Otherwise if you find the unit is showing it is Logged in and in the bottom corner says Stop Syncing then press that option and then re long the unit back in.

    If the above does not sort your problem out then using Contact Us at the bottom of this page to find Customer Support Number and get them to check the settings on your account and try and help you resolve the problem.

    All the best.