Having problems syncing

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I'm unable to sync my latest activity from my watch to either my phone (via bluetooth) or my laptop (via the cable). The activity has recorded on my watch and I've seen a message which says the watch last synced at the time that I was trying to connect, but the activity is not recorded anywhere and I just keep getting a message on my phone saying that that 'we're searching for your watch' or 'preparing to sync'. The watch shows that it's connected and bluetooth is switched on. Does anyone have any ideas, please?


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    There could be a lag on the TT servers, so give it a while and see if it shows up. Also log into the MySports website and see if it is showing up there (if not it did not sync). One you have synced by phone doing it by computer will do nothing, it is either/or. Once it has successfully uploaded all the detailed data is cleared from the watch (all you are seeing in the history is summary data) so there is nothing to sync (and vice versa).