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After the last TomTom Home 2 download was completed for my GO920T device, I get the following error message when trying to operate my device through my desktop:- "This functionality is not yet supported for your combination of navigation device, your device's application version and your computers operating system". TThome was working well until last *critical* (for me at least surely) update!
There is a reason for that or is it just an error by poorly update? I do not want to think bad....for now. Waiting for a reply, thanks in advance.


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    yes happened to me also - but i don't think it is with the home update (you can downgrade to version 2.9 and still have the same problem), i think it was an update to the application software on the device itself (and you didn't have a choice to uncheck it) - so how can we reinstall an older version of this software??