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Tom Tom Touch Export Activities to .gpx format

JR23JR23 Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]

Investigated several threads already in regards to activity mass export for 3rd party apps not connected to Tom Tom My Sports.

I've checked all the paths in my computer after connecting "Tom Tom Sports", for eg in C:/users/[my user]/tom tom sports/

There is nothing here with the file format i've defined to export which is .fit or .gpx.

I honestly don't understand how such simple topic can be so complex. Meaning, from my user perspective exporting all the activities should be an easy task.

Maybe i'm not clever enought but i've spent already 2h searching in blogs to understand how the hell can we export activities from my activity band history.

Can someone be clear enough and point out all the steps?

Thanks in advance

João Ribeiro

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  • JR23JR23 Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]

    I forgot to inform that i have the Tom Tom Touch Activity band.

    João Ribeiro
  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,677
    The files will not be on your computer unless you have it already set up to export a file every time you sync and you sync exclusively by computer. To get all your files you need to go into your MySports account Settings (click your name in the upper right) and go to the Manage My Account tab and click the Manage My Data button.
  • JR23JR23 Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]
    Helo tfarabaugh,

    Thanks for your reply. Appreciated.

    When you say "Manage my Account", you mean where you define how and where to export activities correct? If yes, i've been there but i haven't defined that since the beggining cause i was not aware and not thinking about exporting my data.

    Now that i've changed the setup and uploadd one example activitiy, it worked.

    Therefore, my question is: if i didn't start it since the beggining, is it possible to still get all data i recorded for 1 year? Activities + Steps? Is it even possible to export steps history?

    Many thanks once again
    João Ribeiro
  • JR23JR23 Posts: 14 [Master Explorer]

    Thanks a lot for your support. I've seen it now. Actually i didn't know this menu.

    I will try to investigate if we may work on these file formats.

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