Data for Traffic "Unable to connect"

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I am using my Go6200 and trying to connect for Traffic updates.

I have connected my iPhone using Bluetooth. This appears to be confirmed
I have opened Tomtom app. It says that Traffic is valid until 2023

My Tomtom 6200 says that traffic "unconnected" and tells me to make sure I have done the above steps.

However when I check my local maps it appears to be showing traffic. It won't let me click on any of the traffic highlights unless I have selected a route and then it let's me select one and provides the delay info.

But when I change to Europe maps there are no traffic indicators.

I am registered for both regions and have successfully used it many times in Europe.

I am confused.

And I would like to confirm that I wont have any issues in Europe if possible.

Does any one have any ideas?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Glockers

    I thought that when you are in a country that has turned 2G off such as Oz that you have to connect the GO6200 to a Wifi source, ie a Phone Hotspot or Mifi not Bluetooth,.for Traffic data etc.

    Regarding using your unit in Europe I am afraid that the Traffic facility only works in the region that the unit was purchased in. If the unit had been bought here in Europe then the inbuilt mobile sim should connect to our 2g system and do traffic updates.