operate device not working in TT home

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get error : "This functionality is not yet supported for your combination of navigation device, your device's application version and your computers operating system".

went back to a 2.9 version of home - still getting error

I think they updated the version of software on the device itself (had no choice to not do this - would not allow me to uncheck it when I updated the map)

I still have the previous application software on my computer, how can I put it back on my device? (did not back it up before map update)

TomTom is really screwing it's customers by doing this crap


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    fixed this - it is caused by an application update by tomtom (no choice to uncheck it - bad bad tomtom) - if you have an old version on your computer (look under my docs/tomtom/home/download/complete/program) if you have version 9.510 - this with home 2.9 version will bring back all functionality - start tthome 2.9 without device connected, go to manage, select items on computer tab, find application select it, then it will tell you to connect the device -it will then load old version of application - just watch when you upgrade anything again tomtom will update device app and you might have to do this again