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Update Failed Trucker 6000 it says "Update Failed

grandadbazagrandadbaza Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
edited April 2019 in MyDrive Connect
It seems recently when I do an update from My Drive Connect , on my drive screen it says "your device has been successfully updated", but on the screen of my tom tom Trucker 6000 it says "Update Failed , please try again
Any advice


  • CrystalbarnCrystalbarn Posts: 62 [Legendary Explorer]
    I see no one from Tom Tom answers, yet I am also having this same problem on my Trucker 6000 - GO 6100 and Rider 450 two months after this post!

    Additionally MyDrive constantly says no internet connection unless you connect a device to the PC!

    MyDrive and the entire updating procedure is erratic unreliable, unstable, frustrating and time consuming!

    I wish I could say owning TomTom nav devices has enriched my life but I cannot and won’t be buying anything TomTom branded again.
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