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    If you're using MiniLog,
    Hi, is there any news for the Rider 2 with the Sirf star 3 chip?

    Do you do the QuickGPSFix from TT-Home? Without up-to-date QuickGPSFix, the SiRFstar3 will not work after standby. In that case you must force full shutdown when turning it off.

    Hi, I do, I try and log in every couple of weeks and update it.
    I've just had a reply from TomTom who have offered a 25% discount on the new model, but won't state if there will be a fix for this WNRO or if their new versions are future proof.
    You need to update every week.
    What is a Minilog?
    It's a 3rd party tool to record your track.
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    Hi. I have strange problem. I have Renault Koleos 2010, Carminat TomTom. After WNRO update and software update to 8.843 GPS working fine BUT ONLY 2-3 days. Then suddenly location is all wrong. Remove and insert SD card can help BUT this is going on for months till April. What can i do?!
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    im really dumm
    do you have a link on click on and sorted out the problem for start 25 ?
    im just listening to the video, im now a scientist but my tom tom still looking for satellites
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    Hi, is there any news for the Rider 2 with the Sirf star 3 chip?

    There's an unofficial patch now. You need to update the firmware for GPS chip from 3.2.4 to 3.2.5 or 3.6.0. Search Google and you'll find what you need to do.
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    Hi VikramK

    I've got a TomTom ONE that I like to travel with (it's small and easy to pack). The serial number begins with PB. Is there a file to get it past the GPS weekly rollover issue? Looks like Release Version 9.541 from 19 December 2018 should handle this but I don't know where to download it and when I try to update my ONE via TomTom HOME it's not shown as an available option. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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    I used my TT START last week and no issues. I decided to update the maps, etc. and I did that (had to delete some unused files [voices, etc.] to allow West US map to load) but now I have what appears to be the effects of the WRNO; Set Time will not hold.

    I know TT is not supporting this device any longer, the reported problem being lack of internal memory, but is there a fix for the WRNO? And, why did it work fine last week, but only when I updated it does it now NOT work?

    QuickGPSFix: is that a one and done update, regardless of when you update? I have noticed that if I update QuickGPSFix and go back and hit "Update my START Series" again, another QuickGPSFix with a different version number appears in the update list. I've updated my device repeatedly in one setting, each one with an increasing version number; I'm up to ver. 1581183773, do I have to update for each ~week since my last update of my TT START (as data in QuickGPSFix is good for 7 days)? If so, what is most recent QuickGPSFix version?