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Runner 3 won’t sync and now won’t pair with Android phone

I’ve had a Runner 3 for almost 18 months and it has been paired with my Android phone with no issue. Suddenly last week the syncing stopped working and I can’t get it back. I followed the advice on the website and asked the app to forget the device but now I can’t pair it at all.

When I go into the “Phone” menu on my watch it still has the name of my phone in that section (MotoG3) and it has options to Manage or Pair New. If I select Pair New and try to connect using the app, I just get the Connecting swirling circle and that’s it, no PIN to enter, just a ever turning circle. How do I get the watch to forget my phone and start over from new? Is it going to take a factory reset?

I am using the latest version of the app, the watch is completely up to date (the only way I can sync is on a PC), I am using the same phone as I always have and there have been no software changes to the phone either.

What can I do? Everything was fine and then suddenly it isn’t working which makes no sense. Why does the watch think it’s connected to my phone when it isn’t?

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


  • Chalk SerpentChalk Serpent Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    After hours of trying to get it to work, I post this message then switch off all my other Bluetooth devices on my phone and it starts working again!

    So all ok now I think!
  • tfarabaughtfarabaugh Posts: 16,728
    You should always do a factory reset when you reset the pairing on your phone to clear the prior pairing codes from both devices. You first need to remove the watch from the phone's BT menu (in iOS you have it forget the device) after you reset or try pairing again. The steps are: uninstall the app, remove or forget the watch from the phone's BT menu, factory reset the watch, reinstall the app, select Pair New on the app, select Pair New on watch (press down from the clock and select Phone>Pair New, not Sync) and follow the prompts on the phone. You should not be pairing the watch first through the phone's BT menu; it is all done through the app and you must have the phone forget the watch in the BT menu before re-pairing.

    As to turning off BT, did you have a Garmin or other brand watch paired to that phone? Often other apps will dominate the BT protocols, preventing other devices from pairing. It is not only watch apps that do it, but I know others have had issues with having a Garmin device paired as well.
  • Chalk SerpentChalk Serpent Posts: 4 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks for the advice, I had a few devices (headphones and an iPad) already paired with the phone so I suspect one of them was interfering with my attempts to pair the watch.
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