Fixing slipping Ball (mount) on GO 6000

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My ball mount started slipping so the device (GO 6000) was all loose and pointed downwards.

Several suggested solutions on Google but the easy, cheap, efficient solution is to cut a finger tip off a disposal glove (vinyl, latex..), slip it over the ball and fit the holder.


  • down_under
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    I tried this yesterday and found it very effective. I used the little finger tip of small latex gloves. I initially tried Blu-Tack but it did not work.
  • Jerguson_1
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    Thanks to whoever thought of this. I used nitrile glove left over from our first response to the plague. works perfectly,

    and to think I'd gone to the shop with the intention of milling up an aluminum clamp/

  • GeraldBurns54
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    Without checking out this post, and not wanting to pop the ball joint, I tried salt (too course) then icing sugar (how bizarre!) which seems to work for now. Very little movement required under normal use, just need it to stop sagging.