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I have just purchase a new Smart Fortwo and it comes with TomTom LIVE services (for 3 years) on a SD card,
1. Should I remove and copy the SD card to another SD card for safety?
2. It expires on Feb 5 2022. Do I need to register the card or software with TomTom before that date?
3. How do I go about renewing the expiring LIVE services in 2022?
4. Can I get free updates for speed-cameras and maps during the 3 years of LIVE services , or do I pay?
5. As my journeys are local, do I really need to risk software damage by regular updating?


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    Ring TomTom Support....
    United Kingdom
    02079 490 132
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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    I have just phoned the above telephone number and it was answered in India. with the following answers to the above 5 questions:-
    1. No real answer apart from suggesting to registering it with this website.
    . and downloading TomTom Home
    2. same answer as 1.
    3. sort that out nearer the time
    4. Yes but I was surprised I get free map updates for the whole 3 years
    5. Yes as things like speed cameras change every 7 days

    I had to repeat my questions several times and was surprised I was advised to download TomTom Home as others have been downloading different software.

    All in all, I was neither confident of the answers nor convinced the whole process wouldn't lead to software corruption, although I was told I could then pay for another SD card if that happened.
    My conclusion was to avoid updating and leave the card exactly where it sits.
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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the Community! Please see my answers below:

    1.There is no need to copy any contents of the original SD card to another one. In case of any issues with the card, contact the dealer and they can help you out with it.

    2. All the map and application updates will be offered in the Smart Media Connect software including the registration of the SD card.

    3. Once your LIVE services gets expired in 2022, contact the car dealer for the renewal.

    4. Your SD card comes up with 90 days map update services and after that, you can buy new maps or update services on TomTom website. You'll get the free speed camera updates for 3 years as it's included in the LIVE services bundle.

    Hope this clear things out!

    Cheers, lampard

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    How do I contact TomTom phone support in the US
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    Contacting Tomtom Support….
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