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Hello Tomtom Teams,
Since long I am looking for a good navi, where I can list my routes or places, working if possible on my iPhone7. I HAVE NO CAR, thus I don’t see how I could buy a navi; but I use much the public transportations. Now and then I have a car for special routes. And it is important for me to choose my voice (IF it works with MY Siri–CHOICE, it is also ok). So please what is the best solution? I would like a one buy solution. If it cannot be then I must look about the price. But I am not interested in options with strings where I will just be stranded for some miles are overdue. Thanks for your advices. With Best Regards. Syhl37


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    Hello Syhl37
    Welcome in Forum where help users themself.

    Here is a German Forum.
    When your preferred language is english, then ist this better

    As i know the Go Mobile App doesnt work with voice input.
    The App you can buy only for one Year 19,99€
    Routes and Poi you can not put into it on Ios (Iphone and Ipad).
    Thats working only on Android devices.

    But you can Taste the App for 75km every Month before you buy it.