Phone volume on Via 52 (but others too I think)

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I recently got a Via 52 and was really looking forward to it having traffic updates and using it to handle phone calls. Anyway after about a month I’m ready to chuck it in the bin. If I have the directions at a sensible volume the phone call volume is almost inaudible. If I have the phone volume at a sensible level the voice directions are deafening. So reluctantly I thought I’d have to use something else to handle phone calls, but then found out that if I disconnect the phone for calls I have to disconnect for traffic too. So it’s basically impossible to use all the features of the unit. Does anyone have a solution to this? TomTom have basically said nothing. Their “support” seems to be designed to make it as hard as possible to actually contact them. I’m thoroughly disillusioned and if I could get a refund I would grab it with both hands.


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    Hi @Andypilkington

    Sorry I have not used a Via 52 but wonder if the following may be the answer.

    When I connect my phone by Bluetooth to my TT it appears on the list of phones it recognises. If I tap one of the Phones on the list it takes me to another menu which in my case lists the 3 options the phone can be used for. So in your case I would deselect the Handsfree Option.

    Do you have a similar option if you Tap the Phone Icon and then your phones name on the list.

    If not does this Video provide an answer

    If not maybe someone will come along with an answer.

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    Also can you turn up the call volume on the phone ???