Problems with GO Mobile App, Bluetooth and audio-routing

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The most recent versions of Go for Android offer the ability to choose which audio-channel to use for navigation. My phone is able to use my car's onboard audio-system (Pioneer F960DAB) for media, voice and ringtones via Bluetooth. This include the ability to receive and make phone-calls while listening to DAB-radio on the Pioneer system. Local media on the Pioneer-system is automatically muted during calls that use the Bluetooth-voice-channel or ringtone-channel.

Go on the same phone is OTOH only able to pass audio to the Pioneer unit when the Pioneer is actively listening to media-input from Bluetooth. I can not listen to DAB-radio on the Pioneer and have GO pass audio on the ringtone or voice-call channels. To be able to have audio from Go I have to lock the Pioneer unit to its Bluetooth-media-input and thus loose the ability to listen to local media (radio/cd).

I don't see how the Pioneer-unit would be able to differentiate between a phone-call or a spoken message from Go if both arrive on the Bluetooth-voice-channel. Am I missing something, or is there an issue with Go, Bluetooth and audio-routing? I have tried all the available audio-channels for sound in Go, but only get local audio on the phone for channels that are not routed to the in-car system when bluetooth audio-redirection is active.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8 running the most recent firmware from Samsung (Android 8.0.0). The car-system is a Pioneer F960DAB, also updated with the most recent firmware. The Pioneer-unit also has navigation built-in, but its satnav-system is a joke compared to TomTom Go. My wish is thus to ignore the on-board satnav and use the system only for radio/CD.


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    I have the same problem with my Ford with sync3. I would like to listen to dap radio (on my sync 3 radio) and be able to hear the tomtom go voice from my mobile on my sync3 device (with Bluetooth connection)