Runner 3 compatible HR strap

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i have a tomtom runner 3 watch but am unable to find a tomtom chest strap hr monitor because i believe tomtom has left south africa. i was told by a fitness store clerk that my tomtom runner 3 watch will connect to any bluetooth chest hr monitor. the most important thing being that it is a bluetooth unit. so a Polar, Wahoo or basically any BT chest hr strap will work.

can TomTom confirm this and possibly give a list or recommend possible devices that is not tomtom branded that will work.


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    Most BT+ HR straps will work, but they need to be basic models. It will not work with one with advanced features like the Wahoo Tickr and others. You are best off going with a basic BT model that just measures HR. There is no list of possible devices available, just make sure you buy one from someplace with a good return policy in case it does not work.

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