Rider550 Pairing with a Samsung Note 9 and Neotec 2 SRL

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Anyone successful in pairing all these devices and having them work together for more than 1 ride (i.e. reconnect every time as they should) ?



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    TBH, I am struggling to get them paired properly with iPhone XR
    550 pairs easily with iPhone
    iPhone pairs easily with neotec

    But I can't get the 550 to pair with the Neotec. Neither on second mobile pairing, neither on GPS pairing.

    Already reset 550 & Neotec to factory settings and tried from scratch. No avail.

    If you found a solution, ... :-)
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    no, but I saw your topic and was about to reply until I saw your message here :)
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  • basix
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    I updated the Neotec2 SRL and tried pairing again. First 2 times without success, but then this worked:
    - delete the pairing on the Rider 550,
    - turn the 550 off completely
    - turn it on again
    - Pair the headset in GPS mode (12s middle button config menu + + + and search for headset on rider)

    Did not enable A2DP on the rider. Listening to music from my phone and getting warnings for speed cameras from the rider in my headset.
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    Hi All,

    Just purchased a TomTom rider 550 to replace my rider 400 (Think I done a bad thing).
    Anyway, I have a P20 pro I can get it to Bluetooth on initial startup (first time), but when I switch back on the rider 550 bluetooth fails to connect.
    I also tried an older Sony Xperian Z5 but has the same problem.
    Has anyone had a successful stable connection?
    Pretty poor from a device that requires Bluetooth and has traffic live updates as advertised, but has to use bluetooth to obtain traffic info.
    TomTom support did suggest tethering my WiFi on my phone for updates, that seemed to work for about 5 mins then traffic updates failed...

    Anyone know how long this will take for TomTom to fix?


  • basix
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    I noticed also that there are issues with the tethering on the rider 550. Eventhough I'm using the mydrive app with its QR code procedure, it still doesn't work as it should.

    I enabled BT tethering on my phone (Samsung Note 9), and now that seems to work fine.

    Make sure that you exclude mydrive from the power saving features. Also allow tethering while in power save mode.

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    Hi All, i too have the Note9 and Neotec SRL with rider 550.

    I can cpnnect it all fine, but even with the My Drive Connect app on and open i can't get tyebdamn things to make a phone call more than once from tye rider. It also won't let me accept a call via the rider.

    Has anyone had any joy yet?
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    Try to remove the old Rider pairing on your phone en old Phone pairing on your Rider.

    Clear the Hidden Cache on your phone (Google for the procedure)

    Drum reset the Rider.

    And pair the Rider with the Phone. In most cases this solves the problem.