Swimmers and chest strap HRM

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I have a question for other swimmers who use an HRM chest strap. Which one do you use? I want to get an HRM chest strap that will work with my Spark 3 (if there is one). Thanks!


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    There is no such thing. BT signals do not travel underwater so you cannot transmit HR via a strap to a watch in real time. The only chest straps that work in the water are analog ones (like Polar's old one which is discontinued) or ones that record on the strap, storing it and uploading to a watch later. TT does not work with cache and transmit straps (and never will considering TT Sports went out of business and ceased all development well over a year ago) and does not use the internal HR for swimming so you are out of luck. You can use it in Freestyle mode on a Cardio model which will use the internal HR but the results will likely be poor (this is why it is not implemented in swimming mode) and you will lose all swimming metrics.

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