Oxford Road, Manchester Bus Gate and difference between map on MyDrive and map on iPhone

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Hi everyone,

I recently took my mother to hospital in Manchester, UK and got caught by the camera on the Bus Gate on Oxford Road which TomTom took me down on the way back. Waze, Google Maps and Apple all take this restriction into account which operates between 6am and 9pm. After 9pm these apps will direct you down Oxford Road as is allowed.

I went onto MyDrive and found that that the route finder and map appears to take the restriction into account unlike the app. The MyDrive map also could identify the car park which I wanted to drive to (Grafton Street car park) which the iPhone App appeared to have no knowledge of.

I tried to contact the support desk by email but, unlike a few months ago, it seems impossible to find an email address.

I therefore have three questions:
  • Is the map on iPhone inferior to that on MyDrive with regards to location identifying and time-specific traffic restrictions?
  • If so, how do I get TomTom to amend the iPhone map to take this into account as I think that MyDrive is geared more to those with standalone devices
  • Has making contact by email with TomTom become more difficult recently?
Thanks in advance!