Modify TomTom account for MyDrive on newly acquired TomTom GO 5100

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I just purchased a TomTom GO 5100 from someone. On this device (so NOT on MyDrive Connect, that works fine) I need to login to be able to use the functionality of MyDrive. However I am not able to modify the old username (emailaddress) of the previous user. I can only type in the password (that I don't know and that wouldn't be useful anyway). How to solve this?

(Please do not tell me to factory reset the device… I just spend a few hours configuring…)


  • dhn
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    Sorry, but Menu->System->Reset is indeed the solution you want.
  • mmgh
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    Rats! Sorry to say, but this does not surprise me from TomTom… I had harboured some hope that the matter could be dealt with over the phone but I am under the impression that all phone support has been cancelled.
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    As per your other post - have you tried either of the following Phone Numbers?

    :flag_be: Belgique
    027 007 272
    du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30

    :flag_be: België
    Maandag: 09:00 tot 17:30
    Dinsdag t/m vrijdag: 09:00 tot 16:30