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Route Priority on the VIA 52

My TOMTOM VIA 52 is taking me across country, and avoiding faster motorway routes.

I Dont have 'Avoid Motorways'


Today, it wanted me to drive 11 milesTHRU the centre of town (30mins)
When i ignored it, and forced it to recalculate as i was getting onto the A1 it then said
12miles (21mins)

So its prioritising the miles, and NOT the roads that are quicker!


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,271

    Do you have Eco or Shortest route selected instead of Fastest route
    Eco routing can give quite weird routes, the last time I used Eco routing it took me through Worcester City Centre in the middle of the Rush-hour instead of 2 Miles on the M5 and 1 Mile on the A449

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