GO400 update is not working, stuck on "waiting for your device" message

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I am trying to update my TomTom GO 400 device. Update was working fine until the last time.

Now the process stops on the step "Waiting for your device".

Tried to reset the cache, didn't help.

Tried to install and install again the TomTom MyDrive Connect software. The version is now installed.

Tried to install and use another PC, same problem.

Also tried to reset the device itself, no luck.

Device details:
  • TomTom GO 400
  • Version 18.200.0018.311 (0) (02.08.2018)
  • Maps: 'Europe' v1015.9098 (07/2018)
  • Free space: 6,58 GB internal memory, 7,50 GB memory card
Logs collected from the PC: Logs.zip

Any ideas what to do next?

Kind regards,
Alexander Legkikh


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    Call support. See if they can help:

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