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Sorry if this comes across as a rant, but I have the TomTom GO and MyDrive on my iPhone and an Urban Rider model 4GC01, and I have now spent two hours trying to get a route into any of the satnavs, with no success. Tried via the Mac and the MyDrive web page, but all a waste of time.

All I'm wanting to do is avoid 70mph roads (motorway and 3 lane A roads) on a 50 mile trip. And I can't do it. The tech seems incredibly unintuitive and I end up going round in circles.

What is the way to do this please? It seems incredibly hard for no reason.


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    The MyDrive Web Route planner And the MyDrive APP are only for the latest NAV4/5 (Wi-Fi) devices
    Motorcycles... Only the Latest Rider 4xx/5xx models will work with the the MDW Route planner and the MyDrive APP, your NAV2 Urban Rider model will not work....

    The Urban Rider has been declared End of Life
    The "K3">Rider Pro / Urban Rider, 2GB, TomTom HOME NAV2 EoL


    From the above Link....
    Your device is either a TomTom Rider Pro or TomTom Urban Rider and updates through TomTom HOME.
    Important:​ Your device is no longer supported through phone or email, and it's not possible to buy new maps and services for your device. You can still get help through our user forum and FAQs

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    TomTom Go Mobile doesn’t have any route or track export or sync capability.

    TomTom MyDrive app or web site is for the newer models only, like Rider 4x or 4x0 models and later...

    TomTom Urban Rider (unsupported now) can export and import routes / itineraries. You just have to open the ITN folder in the Rider disk on the desktop and drag & drop the .itn files you want.

    You may create an ITN file using Tyre (Windows only), MyRoute-app web site, and others...