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32gb SD card -Installing map USA on the GO 6200 WiFi device

CamboGCamboG Posts: 19 [Master Explorer]
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Not enough internal memory to download USA map to my recently purchased TT 6200 so have bought a 32gb ScanDisc SD card which shows up on the system page.
However when I try to download the USA maps I’m told yet again not enough internal storage space & suggests deleting items.
Any help would be most appreciated as the family and I are off on a two thousand mile tour of the west coast states at the end of February.


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,345
    When you inserted the 32 gb SanDisk card into the unit, did the application offer to format it? Did you get the SanDisk card in a legitimate location (brick and mortar for example)? Many microsdhc cards found on various on line sites are bogus.

    You might want to format the card in a card reader as FAT32. Don't use quickformat. Then insert the card into the device and, again, see if the device offers to format it for maps.


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  • CamboGCamboG Posts: 19 [Master Explorer]
    Bought it on Amazon, I went into TT settings/system and selected format SD card.
  • CamboGCamboG Posts: 19 [Master Explorer]
    Inexplicably after twenty or so attempts I have managed to load the USA/Canada maps onto my device, absolutely no idea what changed.
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