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Now that My Drive can handle more than 1 device, I have shifted my devices under 1 email address, but whilst My Drive has added all the devices, when I go into the device, it is still showing the old email address, and won't let me change it - so it still can't log into the MyDrive account to sync pois.... an idea how to do this?


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    Ok but that will wipe my places off the device but they are not synced to the new email address either - which means they’re left sitting attached to the old email address?
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    See... MyDrive Web Route planner >>> Saving MyPlaces

    If you rename your MyPlaces.Ov2 to say _Favorites (Note "_Favorites.ov2")
    The Underscore before the "_F" is not displayed on the Tomtom screen, but it forces the POI Category to the top of the POI list
    You can, of course, save the POI Category as any name

    Use the MyDrive Web Route planner to load your New Favorites POI Category to your device
    Tomtom Video Using MyDrive Web Route planner...


    You can now delete the MyPlaces that aren't required (Saves the MyPlaces blue star screen clutter) and use your New Favorites POI Category instead… Any editing of a POI Category must be done offline using Tyre or a POI Editor program, as the NAV4/5 devices haven’t the facility to edit POI Categories on the device....

    OR... If you prefer to see your Personal POIs displayed on the Driving Map (Like MyPlaces)

    [h3]Displaying Personal POIs on the Driving/Planning View Maps[/h3]Be aware... You can't install the POI associated .BMP files
    You can only use the Tomtom supplied generic Icons
    But you can use one icon for for more than one POI category i.e... place all your fuel categories under one Icon, then if you tap on a nearby 'say' Fuel Icon a Quick menu opens --> Tap the 3Dot Icon for more options & more Information

    [h3]Setup... After installing your Personal or 3rd party POIs....[/h3]Tap 4Dot (....Menu) --> Settings --> Appearance --> Show POI lists on the Map
    It says a restart is required, but I've never found it to be necessary
    After choosing the Generic Icon.. Tap the coloured (^) Icon screen top right... Pinch zoom the Map, the Generic POI Icons all appear live and working
    Note... The Generic POI Icons disappear when the Map is highly zoomed out, and reappear as you zoom in again

    See Update 17.1...

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    Thanks YamFAzMan for your replies, but this is a difficult one - I cannot use that method to copy across from my old address, coz my old address is locked out (lost my password and the password reset function doesnt work coz the old email domain is defunct, so it doesnt send the password reset email).....
    therefore, the only way I could copy across the old POIs is if I could access them from the device itself - but that seems near-on impossible without using MyDrive?