TomTom Go 620 Wifi Disconnected from Phone While driving

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On my way out yesterday my Data from my phone was connected for part of the way, then it must have disconnected for some reason but did not re-connect until I stopped and went into the My Drive app, this was at the end of my trip.
Is there a way to have TomTom re-connect automatically in the event that the Data signal goes off for any reason.


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    Hello Niall,
    Many thanks for the link, my phone is an iPhone 5s and I cannot create another APN.
    I believe it has to do with the phone or TomTom being connected to the Home
    Broad Band as my disconnection always occurs after I have left home in the morning and never when I leave my destination, this is causing me to have no Traffic, no Camera reports for most of my journey, I can't see the point of having the TomTom as I have a SatNav installed in the car but does not do Cameras and the Maps are out of date.
    If TomTom want to continue selling I suggest they come up with a fix for this, I will do Tests by disconnecting from WifI with my Phone, then try disconnecting the TomTom from Wifi before connecting to the Phone, all in all it is a pain every morning I set off connected, 10 - 15 mins later it disconnects, if I want the traffic updates, I have to stop at the next Services and open the My Drive App to connect again.
    Please TomTom have a look into this or I will be sending this back to you, I have only had it a month.
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    Have same issue with my TomTom go 620 Wi-Fi, the traffic keep disconnecting 10 minutes after I left the house. I’m using an iPhone XS Max . I think the issue is with the My drive app, as it freezes. TomTom should fix this issue.
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    Have same issue with my TomTom go 620, the traffic keeps disconnecting that is if it even connects. I’m using an iPhone 8, i have deleted all the connections, switched the phone and the Tom Tom off for a few minutes then back on, paired the two again and still no luck, multiple times.
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    Hi there Papabear1963 -

    Have you been trying to recieve traffic via the MyDrive app installed on your iPhone 8?
    If so,
    Here is an excerpt posted by JURES (another forum contributor) as a temporary fix for iPhones using iOS 13+ operating systems end of January -

    If you pair gps with iPhone without MyDrive app, traffic works flawlessly - perfectly!
    You can even install the MyDrive app afterwards and use it for routing - but - JUST DONT PAIR gps over the app!!!
    Traffic will still work, MyDrive routing will work, the only thing that does not work will be smartphone features (calls / sms) but thats not important on bike.

    Traffic and MyDrive under iOS 13+ works!!!!!
    - Delete MyDrive app on iPhone
    - Delete old Bluetooth pairings of gps on iPhone
    - Connect gps to iPhone over Bluetooth under standard way
    - Install MyDrive app
    - DO NOT pair gps over the app
    - have personal hotspot on iPhone turned ON just for Bluetooth and USB Only
    - DO NOT pair gps with WiFi of this personal hotspot


    Problem is in the app (pairing through the app)

    Using the Bluetooth and USB Only pairing hotspot will have less of a drain on your phone’s battery compared to the WiFi hotspot connection.

    As JURES (the original contributor of this temporary fix) had explained, you can re-install the MyDrive app onto your phone, sign in to it and use it for routing to send to your devices, but just don’t pair the Bluetooth within the app to your gps.

    Good luck.
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    Hi my partner has an iPhone 11 iOS 13.7 and his WiFi constantly disconnects when driving on his TomTom Go 620. Has this problem been sorted yet please? He only got the TomTom last week