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My VIA 135 has the serial number: BOxxxxxxx712, and the last map update/release in it is from 04/2018. Whenever it's connected, it will say that the map is up-to-date(?) and the map is already 9 months old. The GPS has a lifetime map update. I factory reset it today (01/17/2019) to see if that will work but it did not. What is the problem with this update?

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    Based upon the serial number, your device shows as:

    TomTom VIA 1530 / 1535 with 4GB memory and it updates through MyDrive Connect for North America.

    So, call support and have them straighten out the map issue for you. The latest is 1020 released in December 2018:

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    I am getting issue with the gmail whenever I tried to connect my gmail account with the map, actually I am getting gmail error 007 and can't find the way to solve this issue. Can anyone suggest me the solution?