HR chest strap won't sync to TomTom Spark 3 cardio watch

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I have the TomTom spark 3 cardio watch which has a HR wrist monitor. However, I've noticed that the wrist monitor on the watch seems to match more my cadence than my HR, and I wanted to try using a chest strap as a comparison. I purchased this TomTom brand bluetooth HR chest strap which is reportedly a more reliable monitor of HR than the wrist ones across all manufacturers. However, when I go into the watch to Sensors --> Heart and choose External, the watch does not find the chest strap. I've successfully connected the chest strap to the Strava app on my iPhone via bluetooth, but it won't connect to my watch (while wearing it in the same manner). Is there something I'm doing incorrectly? Does the external heart option on the watch connect via bluetooth or some other method? I assumed that the TomTom chest strap would be compatible with a TomTom watch...


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    You need to disconnect it from your phone. BT is a on-to-one relationship so if it is paired with your phone, the phone is likely stealing the signal. Remove the strap from the phone's BT menu and try it again.

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