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I have experienced some problems in updating my daily activity data. The clock only updates specific activities (eg.: a race) but such activities are not included in the total daily activities. These (day activities) remain in blank, as if the clock had not been used on this day. For example, I run a race and the data is uptaded as an specific activity but not updated for daily activities (eg: step numbers, fitness points remains in blanck). Any tips on how to solve this?


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    Do you have the activity tracker turned on (go to Settings>Tracker and select a Goal - OF is not an on/off switch, it just turns it off). Do you have a Cardio version of the watch, you will not get Fitness Points without a Cardio version, using the built in HR monitor. You can try a factory reset and see if it helps but it is likely you have the wrong watch or have the settings wrong.

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