Tomtom GO 620 Update Taking Forever

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I have a new Tomtom GO 620 Wifi. During the setup, it said that it needed to be updated, but the update process has been going for over 24 hours now. I'm updating via Wifi, and I've got fibre broadband with a speed of about 30mps.

I can understand that, as it's new, the update might take a while, but this seems ridiculous. Does anyone know if this length of time is normal or not?

I'm not sure if this matters, but there isn't a memory card in the device as yet. Might this make a difference? I'm wondering if the update is taking so long because there isn't enough space on the device for all the updates.

Currently I absolutely hate my new Tomtom and I'm thinking that it's the worst purchase ever. I would very much appreciate any help or advice!
Thank you!


  • dhn
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    You can also update that model using the usb cable provided with the device and the device connected to the computer. MyDriveConnect should be running BUT minimized.

    Try that............
  • DrDonna25
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    Thanks, DHN, but that doesn't seem to work either. I've got Kaspersky security on my computer, and I was told that can prevent the update from completing. That's why I was trying to do it via wifi. Also, the device itself recommends that I use wifi, so it should work! I'm going to ring Customer Services tomorrow, but thought I was ask here too in case anyone had had the same experience. Thank you for trying!