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Tom Tom Via Live 125- Device rebooting

Device works for a very short time and then restarts - it shows that its searching for a signal then looses it! Any idea how I can reboot device or solve problem? Thanks David


  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,224
    @David Carey

    Have you tried a Soft/Drum roll restart on the device ???? This restarts the devices Operating System afresh


    Charge the device for at least 2Hrs "OR" have the device plugged into a power supply
    Press and hold the on/off button until you hear a drum-roll sound then release the on/off button.
    You won’t lose anything; it’s just like rebooting your PC
    I use a Soft/drum-roll start after any upgrade large or small.
    It’s also useful to keep in mind for sorting out most minor niggles......

    If possible, for the for the first Satellite fix, go outside with a clear view of the Sky

  • KerRozen56KerRozen56 Posts: 1 [New Seeker]
    Unfortunately, I'm facing the same issue!
    The device (Via Live 125) was running perfectly well but I'd been invited to update the program.
    And since that, the device is rebooting alone after 1 mn 1/2, endless.
    The recommended reboot is of no use!
    I Wonder about a "programmed obsolescence" in order to encourage me taking advantage of an "INCREDIBLE and EXCEPTIONNAL FIDELITY OFFER" ... for a 200 € (at least!) new device.
    I'm waiting for an answer from Tom Tom support. However, if I have to change my device because "no solution available, your device being too old" or sthg like that, be sure I'll buy a new Tom Tom device!
    Hope this message will help the community to understand that there maybe a potential serious issue.
    Let's hope that the firm will react positively... !
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