Anybody with GO Mobile (iOS) having a problem with MyDrive and services?

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According to the following link, there's a problem with MyDrive Connect and TomTom services:

Reading through the (currently) 4 pages, it seems to be PNDs that are affected and the problem has been going for 3 or 4 days.

I have TomTom GO Mobile iOS app and it doesn't seem to be affected, I've got traffic and I've just downloaded a new map over WiFi. I'm not getting any message that state "oops....we are having trouble accessing TomTom services".



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    I personally don't have any TomTom apps installed but the problem with TomTom servers were pretty much exclusive to physical satnav devices...

    Lucky you people with your iphones and stuff :laughing:

    All sorted now! (4-6 hours ago, actually)