GO930 No longer updates after software upgrade to 9.541

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I have updated my GO930 on my computer running Home 2.11 on Windows 10 without any problems. Since updating to 9.541 my computer no longer updates but gives me an error message on startup (incident 571855937). It is confusing as it mentions a New Zealand Map which is not installed. I have also lost the ability to operate my GO from Home 2.11 as it says that This functionality is not supported for my device application and my computers operating system. I have been doing it for years. Copies of the errors are attached.
I have removed the software from my device and reinstalled it - no benefit. I have copied the maps to my computer and formatted the device and the memory card with out benefit. I have spent hours in this website trying to find a solution and am at loss at what to do.

My GO930 actually operates until I plug it into the computer. though it now comes up and warns me to update my maps (if only I could).

The only Map I have loaded is Australia 1015.9106. I have 3599.4mb free internal memory and an empty 8 mb memory card which has been in use for years and had audio books on it until I formatted it.

My thoughts are maybe there is some fault in my map or the software is just incompatible with the GO930. Can I roll it back or can I delete my copy of the map and get a clean copy. I am not keen on buying a new map if I will be unable to load it.

This is the error message on start up

This is the whole page after formatting the device (without memory card installed). Not the software and the quickfix installed after I cleared the error message - hence my thought it might be the map. As the version on my computer is the same as it is a backup of the device I cannot test this.

This is the message I get when I try and Operate my Go from HOME 2.11


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    Your model may be considered End of Life by Tomtom (no further map updates). Call support BUT do NOT provide a model when prompted in order for a live agent to respond:

    :flag_au: Australia
    1300 135 604
    Monday-Friday:9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST
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    Thanks. My 930 is not supported for repair but is for map updates. I am still using a map which predates the software update. My problems started with the software update and refers a New Zealand Map which I do not have. If the software is incompatible, why does it find it as an update? It is one thing not to support a model and another thing to trash a working Tom Tom.

    I will try to call them tomorrow. Thanks for the number. I had problems finding it on the Web site.
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    Apparently TomTom sucks big time.