Night time Motorway closures for roadworks

Hi all once again my Tom Tom 6200 has let me down, how come it never seems to know that Motorway roads and junctions are shut for night time roadworks and takes me there and i am stuffed,whereas a well known local phone app never has a problem with this situation


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    I've had this before, I'm travelling along the motorway very late, there are overhead signs saying the motorway is closed yet HD traffic isn't showing any issues and is keeping me on the motorway, I eventually have no choice but to exit the motorway at the closure, where TomTom spends the next several miles trying to get me to rejoin the motorway on the closed section.

    Another time it did exactly the same on a different stretch of the same motorway, the motorway signs were showing the road was closed 30 minutes ago, nothing from TomTom HD traffic service at all. This time I was lucky as they were still in the process of closing of the section and I just made it through, I was literally the last car let through before the last few cones went down to shut it off.

    The above stress and anxiety when driving late at night is something HD Traffic is suppose to eliminate, but fails.

    There are also many stretches of motorway I've travelled on where TomTom still has average speed limits for roadworks that have been gone for weeks or months which doesn't inspire confidence. Surely their HD Traffic service should be registering traffic faster than the average speed limit they think that section has to flag it for someone to look into.

    HD Traffic barely works at all now as I constantly get connection problems with my smartphone so have taken to using a second older smart phone and Google Maps, so sometime soon I will see if that fares any better, I'm expecting it will.

    Unfortunately TomTom are failing in what should be their one true advantage in having dedicated hardware and software and services for nothing other than navigation and driving, it should be rock solid with up to date data, but isn't. I also think they are on a downward spiral, as people switch to using smart phones, they get less people using TomTom which means they are gathering less real-time data to update their HD traffic service, the data becomes increasingly less reliable, so more people drop it in favour of something else, so even less data feeds in and more customers give up.
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