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My 6000 says it is now up to date, on MyDrive Connect but on the device it says NO MAPs Available..........what is going on, 2 days it has been like this


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    What is the solution to this problem?
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    @Parcelgiant @Charles7

    On the early NAV4 devices you were allowed ONE Lifetime pre-installed Map... The 8GB on-board Memory size on the NAV4 devices is an unfortunate, but real Catch22 situation....
    The latest larger 9.13GB Full Europe Map wont fit....
    You need to install a Micro SDHC memory card
    The Map cannot be split across the on-board Memory and a Micro SDHC Card...The latest Full Europe Map is 9.13GB so a 8GB Memory Card is useless a 16GB or 32GB is required (32GB is the Max size Micro SDHC Card for a Tomtom device)
    Maybe @VikramK or @lampard the Forum Moderators will allocate a smaller Map to your Account
    The advantage of the small Map would be plenty of working space on the device and the smaller map will also act as a 'Keeper' (Don't remove the small Map)... The Small Map it will enable the device to keep running and avoid the Catch22 situation No Maps Found Error, where the device won't boot-up past the No Maps Found Error to allow access to the 'Format option' to allow the use of a 16GB or 32GB Micro SDHC memory card
    Also if you ever need to remove the Micro SDHC Card for any reason... Like transferring pre-planned routes via a Micro SDHC Card or Formatting a new/replacement Micro SDHC Card, the Keeper Map will allow the device to keep running

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    Hi Charles

    Could you try uninstalling the map using the My Content tab in MyDrive Connect.


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    And I have also activated a smaller map for your device which can be installed on the internal memory of the device.

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    My sat nav was working fine and it prompt me to update my map on my Via 1500. Then the map is wipe out and I cannot update it with mydrive connect. Anyone knows have a solution for this? Thanks