Is there a Speed Camera update problem?

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GO 5000.... I Renewed my Speed camera subscription last month, but trying to update them last week, and tonight, it just isn't working.......
All is connected, both computer and device recognize each other. Drive Connect says one update which it then downloads, but keeps saying Waiting for Device, then I wait and wait.
I have tried switching from UK to Europe maps (have both) Soft reset, but still no update.
Is this a common problem, or just my unit.


  • Ignoramus
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    I have a similar problem - I haven't had any camera or community share updates for a couple of weeks now and am thinking of asking for my money back. It went through a phase of reporting that the servers were busy, and I also got the repeating 'waiting for device' message for a while on the one occasion when it did appear to have managed to get a small update on to my computer. I did a complete 'factory' reset, and afterwards managed to download all my POIs, places, routes etc. from the My Drive web-site so there isn't a problem with my device's ability to download stuff. I'll give them a couple of days then start complaining in earnest. I find an email to the CEO works wonders...
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    Hi @Ignoramus

    I downloaded to my GO5000 a Map share update yesterday. It was a very small file.

    There was a comment the other day that there was a problem with Camera Updates which Tomtom are working on. I have not had a camera update recently.
  • BJB123
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    I had a reply back, basically saying they are looking into it, but no confirmation when though. It's especially annoying as us Go 5000 owners, HAVE to PAY for Speed camera updates !. I Renewed mine just before Christmas!!!!!!!! :(
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    I renewed my subscription in December for my go50. No updates for 3 weeks now, not a good servt.