Go 520 stuck at waiting for device

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Just downloaded the latest updates of community and Speed cameras, all downloaded OK to Laptop, but will not go passed waiting for device, this never completes. Any one have any ideas on what the fault is? I have carried out hard reset of device and re-installing Drive Connect. I have also tried to install on another laptop but get the same problem
Thanks in advance


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Bozhead

    I assume your device is a GO520 Wifi which is a fairly recent model and not the very old GO520 which has now been declared obsolete.. Are you attaching the device to your PC because your Internet download speed is slowish or because you do not have Wifi available.?

    The recommended method for updating etc is to do so with your GO520 connected directly to your Wifi and not having a PC in the loop. Have you tried the update this way to see if it then works?