Cant log into mydrive on my rider550

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Oops We are having trouble accessing TomTom services Please try again later

I have now been trying to log in for a fair few hours now, my password and email are correct as i can log in on my computer, I have also done a factory reset and gone though set up twice, but still can not log on. What the hell is going on. Having read a few questions on here i see this has been going on for some time so how do i sort this and when is it going to be sorted for good!!!


  • Rogue_Shadow
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    Hi RTR2,

    Having the exact same problem with my new 550.
    Tried Wi-fi, 4G teething, factory resets ... yet still 550 won’t connect!

    hugely frustrating for a brand new SatNav!
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    Started to do a update on my rider 550 late at night but was taking a long while to download so I stopped it after about 20% done. In the morning I turned it on and said pick another country which I added North Africa as it was a small download . After that loaded on I notiticed that all the world maps were deleted and I only had east Africa on the satnav which is no good to me. How do I get the world maps back onto the satnav and delete the Africa map ?? Any help would be great thanks. Cheers Graham