Why can't I update my system?

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My TomTom Go 6000 / 6100 is connected to my PC (confirmed by MyDrive Connect).
My updates were downloaded. (I saw it myself)
MyDrive Connect now just hangs there with "Updating System" and "Waiting on your system". Nothing else happens, and it is now already 4 hours ago. I am using the same USB cable that I always used, and I have also tried 3 other USB cables (new ones). I have rebooted my navigator as well. What can I do to update my system?

I also find it VERY frustrating that I cannot reach TomTom (helpdesk) by phone anymore.
TomTom is losing customers this way.


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    I also am experiencing this issue (with GO 6100).

    I tried on two different PCs (at home and at my office), but MyDrive Connect remains on the "Waitinf for your device" for hours.
    I tried to reinstall MyDrive Connect, to hard reset the GO 6100, ... but nothing changed:


    Where the Italian strings mean:
    • "Aggiornamento dispositivo": "Updating device"
    • "In attesa del dispositivi": "Waiting for the device"
    And my TomTom says it's connected:


    Where the Italian strings mean:
    • "Connesso al computer": "Connected to the computer"
    • "Il computer e il dispositivo ora sono connessi!" "The computer and the device are now connected!"
    • "Utilizza MyDrive connect per gestire il tuo dispositivo": "Use MyDrive Connect to manage your device"
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    TT Server crash yesterday may account for your issues.......
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    Contact details for Customer Services

    :flag_nl: Nederland (Holland)
    020 850 1022
    Maandag t/m vrijdag : 09:00 tot 17:30