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I am sitting in Sweden and planning a tour in Australia. I have entered two routes and trying to see where to drive. That is pressing the Drive button on the screen on My GO 620. There is a map with the route marked on a oversight. I see the start and end point and the Button "Drive". When pressing the button i just get "No routs Possible". My setting is that all is allowed. No limitations.

My question is. Is my GO 620 work when I came to OZ??


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Raken

    Yes it will work when you get to Australia except for the Traffic option. Traffic only works within the region that the Tomtom unit was purchased in.

    I am in the London Area and and if I ask my unit to find a route from Gothenburg to Stockholm it works as normal and sorts out a route and offers me the option to Drive. When I press Drive it sorts out a route telling me that it is 1502 miles and is a route from where I am to Stockholm ignoring Gothenburg.

    If I had saved the route I had asked originally, prior to tapping Drive, then the Saved route would be from G to S. Thus wherever I am if I load that saved route it will then calculate a route including getting to it. You can specify when creating these routes for future use where the Start is.

    In your case it says NO route Possible as it can't find a route from Sweden to Australia.


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    Hi and Thanks Doug

    Well the GO620 has been in OZ an in Kiwi to and worked. And it has given me driving instructions while being in Sweden when using the OZ map.

    No I do not start in Sweden. I make a destination and save it as in "My Places". Pick it up and declare Use as Starting Point. Pick up an new saved destination in My Places or on map directly. I get the route and when pressing Drive the GO 620 just replays No route Possible. Of course I am using the map over OZ. No Swedish destinations is involved in the planning.

    I am just worried if the device will work in OZ because I do not have the time to entry all the places we are going to. I am using the TOMTOM my drive on my mac to enter the destinations.

    Well I have to hope for the best and if it does not work by another device of a different brand in OZ.

    Thanks for you taking time to answer my question.