TT Bandit... suitable alternative to a 'dashcam'???

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Hi All,

There is plenty of discussion on other TT Forums about the lack of a combined Sat-Nav/DashCam product from TT - and the company's apparent unwillingness to move into that market...

My question is - would the TT Bandit Action Camera be a suitable alternative, as opposed to abandoning TT altogether in favour of, for example, Garmin who I understand do produce such combination devices? I don't WANT to abandon TT if I can possibly help it...

I realise 2 separate devices would mean also purchasing a multi-port in-car charger or USB hub, but is there anything else I need to consider, such as -

If I purchase a high-end TT Sat-nav - e.g. the 6200 - which comes with its own built-in SIM card for LIVE traffic updates etc, do I still need a Bluetooth connection (via smartphone?) for any other functions to work whilst 'on the road'???

Finally - What are the dimensions of the TT Bandit Action Camera?

Any advice/opinion on my planned purchase(s) would be appreciated.


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    I'm not totally sure what the advantage is of buying a Bandit and hooking it up to your phone vs. just buying a dedicated dash cam that writes to its own memory card? It's not as if the 6200 can interact with the Bandit in any way.

    Anyway... to answer your questions, the 6200 wouldn't require a Bluetooth connection for 'on the road' navigation (including traffic updates). It would be required though for any services on your phone you wish to expose to the 6200, such as hands-free calling, messaging notifications, or Siri/Google Now - these however are all optional.

    Dimensions for the Bandit are 94 x 38 x 52 mm / 3.7 x 1.5 x 2.0 inches.
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    Gotcha... If I need 2 separate devices anyway (as I don't want to abandon TT completely!) the dashcam might as well be a dedicated device.